Sanderson Ottoman boom instructions

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Sanderson Ottoman boom instructions

Post  Sanderson on Mon Jun 29, 2009 6:33 am

_Pi wanted me to record an Ottoman boom and I am also going to write it down as it is very similar every time.

3 Starting vills go to hunt, 3 to crates. Build church as soon as possible and improve the first train speed (100w) it being ready before the tc starts to train it's second villager. All villagers and new ones to hunt, build a house. If you started with 4 wood crates you can build a market or not have it built*

First card is coin trickle, second card economic theory.

When you have gathered 800 food age up with 400 wood and start balancing your vills for next age up ( at this point about 7 on food and 5 on gold and start working it balanced from that)

When you have 1200/1000 age up with fast age up, ALL villagers on wood, two villagers to gather the 400 wood crates.
*If you had built a market, gather extra 100 food and improve chopping. You will not have improved anything else yet at this point.

Keep all on wood build two town centers. Then church improvements, first the 250wood villager train speed improvement. By now you will have the 200 gold from gold trickle needed to improve your settler limit from 25 to 45.

When you have 600 wood for the last settler train speed improvement improve that, build market *if not yet built and improve age1 food and gold improvements, build one house (to a total of 50 pop space) and balance your vills to food and gold for a fast industrial age up. This point is very crucial, because you have to gather the necessary 2000/1200 fast enough to have time to gather 400 wood and 400 gold for the villager limit improvement from church. Screwing that up would be pretty stupid. So when you are going on age up be brutal putting all your vills from food to wood to gather the necessary 400. *If you hadn't improved wood chopping yet, do it at this point.

When you are done with the villager limit improvement build one house and make the decision whether you want to improve age2 market food and gold. In a bad 3v3 position in Andes you may be out of herds at this point, and have to start making mills. When you have aged up, send factory and gather 1000gold crates for asap mercantilism. Put all vills on food and gold, improve factory for wood and when done with that put factory on wood. Your second factory should be arriving by now, put it on wood, too.

If you ran out of herds and built mills already at this point, you probably have to improve villager limit from 70 to 99 before you age up to imperial.

when aging up to imperial improve age2 wood chopping from market, and start going all mills. You will have sent your mill card at this point. You also have to decide whether you make cows or not. I nowadays hardly ever have the patience, but on this recording I make cows because of the british team livestock card.

Improve food from capitol and have 100 vills on food, factories on gold. Trade 50+ wood depending on the situation.
At this point build a plantation after the trade, improve it, and gold from capitol and. When done with the improvements, build 6-7 plantations and fill them with vills.

On the recording if you watch it you will see Brit Otto vs Brit Spain for a min and then Otto vs Brit for the rest of the game (due to simultaneous lag outs) Due to fighting by enemy walls and next to trade route I don't have the usual protection that buildings offer and have to make less abus and more hussar/cav. arch for anticav.


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Re: Sanderson Ottoman boom instructions

Post  Firom on Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:18 pm

looks nice


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